About Us


The Cub Club restaurant was constructed in the winter of 1982. The building’s initial intention was part of an overall upgrade to, then, Sec Taylor Stadium. The Chicago Cubs had signed an affiliation agreement with the Iowa Oaks in 1981 (changed to the Iowa Cubs in 1982) and requested that upgrades be made to the facility to better accommodate the Cub’s prospects coming through Des Moines on their way to Chicago.

The building was built as a new locker room location for both the home and visiting team on the ground level with access to the field through the outfield wall. Upon completion of the locker rooms the ownership group of the Iowa Cubs decided they wanted a private area to entertain sponsors as a second level on top of the locker rooms.

Our Beginning

Designs and ideas (formulated on a napkin) began to come together for the “hospitality area” and quickly evolved into a small restaurant setting serving breakfast and lunch open to the public daily and year around. The Cub Club restaurant was born! The original building was the only part of the stadium that was not demolished in the rebuilding project in 1991. In fact, most of the original building is still intact with the restaurant still the same size today as it was when constructed in 1982.