Hors D’oeuvres & Snacks


fifty servings per order

antipasto display with Italian meats, cheeses, olives & assorted crackers $130
imported & domestic cheese board with assorted crackers $120
seven layer dip with tortilla chips $90
garden fresh vegetable crudité with ranch dip $90
sliced seasonal fruit $90
mezzo display with roasted red pepper hummus, pita triangles & veggies $90

cold hors d’oeuvres

fifty pieces/orders per order

jumbo shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce & lemon slices $140
caprese skewers with basil & balsamic marinated mozzarella & tomato $90 
roasted beef tenderloin crostini with horseradish cream sauce $120
prosciutto, ricotta & honey crostini $100
tomato, basil & fresh mozzarella bruschetta $90
mini cucumber sandwiches on pumpernickel $90
mediterranean antipasto skewers $130

hot hors d’oeuvres

fifty pieces/servings per order

bacon wrapped shrimp with chipotle orange barbecue sauce $150
“pigs in a blanket” with honey mustard  $70
coconut chicken with thai chili sauce  $120
southwest chicken egg rolls with sriracha ranch $90
bacon wrapped chicken bites with jalapeno cheese  $100
assorted mini quiche $90
mini chicken cordon bleu with honey mustard $90
crab cakes with roasted red pepper aioli $150
pork rolls with thai chili sauce $110
roasted red pepper & bacon dip with pita & tortilla chips $100
breaded portobello fries with ranch sauce $90
boursin cheese stuffed mushrooms $120
breaded cheddar cheese curds with ranch $90
beef nacho stuffed wontons with salsa & sour cream $100
balsamic rosemary steak kabobs $160
crab stuffed mushrooms $130
spinach artichoke dip with pita & tortilla chips $90
brie en croute with raspberry preserves $120
reuben dip with toasted rye chips $100
breaded beef ravioli with marinara sauce $80
mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce   $80
meatballs tossed with marinara, barbecue or thai chili sauce $80
boneless or bone-in chicken wings with ranch, barbecue & buffalo sauce  $100
cheesy corn dip with pita & tortilla chips $100
chicken tenders with ranch, barbecue & buffalo sauce $100
beer battered mac & cheese bites with ranch $80
buffalo chicken spring rolls with ranch  $100
crab rangoon with thai chili sauce $120
graziano’s italian sausage stuffed mushrooms $100
chicken lemongrass potstickers with gyoza dipping sauce $120
chicken quesadilla rolls with chipotle ranch $110
Buffalo chicken dip with pita & tortilla chips $100
soft pretzel bites with cheddar cheese sauce $80
duck, bacon & sweet corn wontons with thai chili sauce $130
pork potstickers with gyoza dipping sauce $80
fig & mascarpone beggar’s purses $110
cheesy chorizo & caramelized onion dip with tortilla chips $110
malaysian beef satay with sriracha mayo sauce $150
mini beef wellington (beef tenderloin & mushroom in puff pastry) $140
potato au gratin dauphinoise $130
red pepper jelly & cheese phyllo cups $120
smoked candied bacon jam tarts $120
smoked beef brisket empanadas $130
spicy battered pickle chips with ranch $100
jalapeno popper dip with pita & tortilla chips $100
spinach & artichoke stuffed wontons $100
spanakopita (feta & spinach stuffed phyllo dough) $80
shrimp & grits tortilla cups $130
teriyaki chicken skewers with sriracha mayo sauce $110
vegetable samosas with mint & cilantro dipping sauce $90
vegetable spring rolls with thai chili sauce $90

hot hors d’oeuvre bars

An additional $4 per person will be charged to upgrade to dinner-sized portions


seasoned ground beef & shredded chicken

black beans

nacho cheese sauce

sour cream & salsa


diced tomato, jalapenos & shredded lettuce

tortilla chips



grilled mini hamburgers, breaded chicken breasts or bbq pulled pork

mini buns

sliced cheese

lettuce, sliced tomato, red onion & pickles

with hamburgers: applewood smoked bacon strips, ketchup & mustard

with chicken: fried onions, bbq sauce & mayo

with bbq pork: cole slaw & bbq sauce









tater tots or garlic mashed potatoes

chili or demi-glace gravy

sour cream & cheddar cheese sauce

shredded colby jack cheese

diced green onion & peppers

sliced jalapeno

diced bavarian ham

crumbled applewood smoked bacon


mac & cheese

traditional creamy cheddar mac & cheese blue cheese crumbles

shredded colby jack cheese

applewood smoked bacon

diced bavarian ham

french fried onions

diced tomatoes & peppers

sautéed mushrooms

minced roasted garlic


hot dog

all beef ballpark franks

chili & cheese sauce

diced onion & peppers

shredded colby jack cheese

sweet relish & dill pickle spears crumbled applewood smoked bacon

diced tomato

sliced jalapeno

ketchup, mustard, mayo & dijon mustard



assorted cookies $1.5 each
iced brownie triangles $2 each
assorted dessert bar triangles  $2 each
scotcheroo triangles $2 each
individual bags of kettle chips $2 each
snack mix $2.5/person
tortilla chips & salsa $2.5/person
kettle chips & ranch dip $2.5/person
popcorn $2/person
ballpark peanuts $3/person
caramel corn $3/person
vanilla cream puffs $10/dozen
sweet & spicy cajun bar mix $2.5/person